Restorations - Stained Glass

Our long experience in stained glass enables us to provide repairs and full restoration of existing windows and we will be pleased to receive your enquiry whether for restoring a single window or a series.  A description with photograph and basic dimensions will enable us to offer advice and if practical, consider arranging a site visit and inspection to establish costs.

Removal of windows for full restoration is essential and temporary glazing is always installed.  For repairs it is sometimes possible to deal with these in situ, but this does depend on the location and extent of damage and we will be happy to give advice on receipt of the information mentioned above.

stained glass restorations   stained glass restorations example   stained glass restorations Christ Episcopal Church   Stained Glass Restoration completed

The above illustrates the restoration of a window at Christ Episcopal Church, Westerly, RI.  The window was removed, cleaned, re-leaded, re-cemented, re-installed and protected using 1/4" thick acrylic and vented.  The pictures record these events in their different stages.
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